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For now, there's only these few links that I just couldn't omit. Other links coming later, when I know what's really worth putting here.

Jeskola Buzz The #1 Place to get it and to start in things considering Jeskola Buzz. You'll enjoy it more if you're into making music with Buzz. Features Downloads of Jeskola Buzz itself, and (almost) all of the Machines, tips and review sections, and a message board.

BuzzMusic @ Wipe Records: This site hosts several buzz tracks, in mp3, ogg or Buzz native bmx format, streaming radio and - of course - its own forum. Now unfortunately suspended, but still very good Buzz site. Features machine downloads, forum, tutorials, Buzz-made tracks in Buzz native BMX format and much more.

Official Hal-Dreamer's home page: Homepage of a very active and talented Buzz machine developer & musician. Features downloads of his Buzz machines (several versions) and his music in mp3/ogg format.

Other musicians

Bass Cadet

Groups, organizations etc

None yet. There will be, though...


Soma FM

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