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No fuss, just the music... If you want to know more, read it from here
Note: some mp3 files are missing at the moment, due to hard disk crash. They will be back later.


Lolita Lolita Note: named after Stanley Kubrick's movie, and for no other reason!
Progressive House126 BPM Buzzfact
Killing with Kindness Killing with Kindness
Progressive Trance132 BPM Buzzfact
Disgrace Disgrace   Parental Advisory
Breakbeat Trance140 BPM Buzzfact
Stroke Stroke
Deep Trance120 BPM Buzzfact
Cinders Cinders
Progressive House126 BPM Buzzfact
Change Change our Way (Bassed Out Remix)
Trance136 BPM Buzzfact
Inca Inca
Tribal Trance132 BPM Buzzfact

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